Project 2: "Valient Village of Heroes" by Paramesh Hutachinda

Phase 2 - "Valient Village of Heroes"

    "Communication is vital in Southeast Asia."

   Influenced by Hinduism, Islam, Confucius, Southeast Asia is in a constant flux and will always be an intermediary between various cultures. It is a place where diversity, language, and people can share their ideas and transplant ethical issues into an open dialogue without being blasphemed. 

     To orate a positive living environment in Southeast Asia, public housing should be a permanent residence for these low income families. Propagating and relocating residences will only become a quagmire to the surge in population growth. Although the prospects of city life are increased salary, most of low income workers will eventually migrate back to their rural settings. With this consideration, it is quintessential to develop a family planning program, not just in Bangkok, that will attract and motivate children to pursue secondary education.

    Through such activities, Southeast Asia will have greater control over patterns of economic development, urbanization, “equality of income distribution and adequate opportunities for personal development”. Not only will the blend of these new settlers into our community shift the gap between the rich and poor, but also our tropic population can coherently listen to the low income new comers and consider how to burgeon into a rich community that is feasible.

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Acrylic Painting of Concept Canonical View


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Isometric Drawing of Inhabitant Dwelling


Work in Progress Isometric Drawing

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Concerns of our Citizens

    By producing a artifact about an individual, the focus of a singular entity is multiplied in order to consider the impact of how the spaces, solids, and voids can impact our standard of living in a dense community. Alongside technology, the manifesto addresses past scenarios that should have been enacted and redefined for a brighter and greener future.

In the italics below is an abstract of the two manifestos:

    The homes of the builders of our great cities live in drastic conditions. As the emergence of filtration systems become necessary to clean the environment, collective government habitats become a hotspot to acquire a homogenized living standard. Bangkok, a center of various cultures, must deal with relocating its low income population who suffer from land subsidence and, therefore, anchor a work zone and dwelling.

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Link to Inhabitant Manifesto Document

Inhabitant Report

In this project, Phase 1 was utilized to create a viable living space, however the transformation of that domestic arena must be compromised according to a Bangkokian's daily routines. Remarkably, the inhabitant, whose image is displayed below, consented to providing information on his work and living habits. "Paw", a street cleaner, will be the role model for a spaee that he can possibly done and live about. The space must be tailored to his needs and requirements, therefore this Inhabitant Report lists out his current living conditions as well as spatial agents.

Sneak Peak Images of Inhabitant Report Below

Because "Paw", the street sweeper, manages the sanitation of public spaces and streets, this project terms the inhabitants as "heroes". Heroes in a sense in that because they clean up after super heroes. Heroes in the sense that they disguise any supernatural event that may occur when we sleep. Heroes in the sense that their precense are unnoticed. Their jobs are a heroic endeavor in its own right because we are able to live a life without being hindered by the mess we dare not clean up. So to say, this project, from the data gathered, will try to compose an environment for such government employees and possibly freelance heroes.

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Site Plan