Project 2 : 'The trading living center' by Napat wongthanasophon

      This project, I try to dealing with the space in term of future Bangkok. My clients that I'm choose is my grandfather and my grandmother, both of them are Gold seller. The type of my grandfather store is Shop business & Living habitat, In front of the house is the shop business and inside of the house is the living spaces also the second floor is the living space too. Mostly every store of the chiness people is the shop is in front of the house and inside is the living space.
      In my design, I try to make the comfortable space to my grand father and my grandmother, because in the present, both of them are 80, and this project will think about the future of it, So my grandfather and grandmother will older than today, they will not have a lot of energy to go up to the second floor, So I try to manipulate every room in the one unit, For the room that Im put it in the unit is bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, they have a shop business in the middle of the unit.
  The shop business- The public space
  The 4 room in the units - The private space
                                    How they be the one unit and how the building look like.

                               Cononical view show the activities inside the unit.

                                Isometric of the unit.
                               Drawing plan & explode.

                                Site are in Samyan soi 26.

                                Manefesto of my project are talking about the space in the future.

                               The report are told the story of my grandfather and my grandmother.