Project 2: "Sustainable public housing with transformation of triangle", by Manita Ruangwimolwet

Sustainable public housing with transformation of triangle

The public housing was designed after the
economic crisis happened in Bangkok.

There are 6 inhabitants in total;
a man/a father/a business man,
a woman/a mother/ a working woman,
a girl/ a daughter/ a student,
a boy/ a son/ a student,
a woman/ an aunt/ painter,
an elderly/ a grandmother

each of them has different hobbies and
personalities. They used to be middle-high class
people and lived in high rise buildings in Bangkok.

After the financial crisis happened they aren't
able to afford their usual living space,
as well as other things they used to have.

The photograph above depicts the overall environment
of their public house. It is sustainable, tropical,
yet low cost of living.

The transformation of triangle within the triangle
can be used for cabinet for storing human's goods.

The photograph above shows how each unit/house works.
There are 8 triangles altogether, which each one
function as a wall to separate the room
as well as for cabinet.While the other 2 function
as a rooftop garden.

The space between each wall is covered by glass, and
there's a gap between each one for letting the wind
blow through in order to create ventilation.

Here is a brief story about inhabitants;

The 6 inhabitants

Bangkok as projected in the next 30 years,
the economical and financial crisis would happen.
Consequently, bankruptcy would impact many issues in
Bangkok, and ‘tourism’ is one of the main issues. Bangkok
has many interesting tourist attractions, leading to many
hotels and embassies located in the CBD. Since the number
of tourist would be decrease in the future, UN workers and
foreign investors would be unemployed.

There are 6 inhabitants who are father/business man, mother/
office worker, daughter/student, son/student, aunt/artist,
grandmother/unemployed. The father is Westerner and the mother
is Thai, so their kids are half blood. Their daily activities are
high-class since they lived in expensive condominium in the centre of
Bangkok. They always go out seeking for happiness and live
comfortably in Bangkok.

After the economical problem as mentioned above happened, they are forced to move out since they are in debt, unable to afford daily goods and living space’s cost. They have to move to
public housing that has specially designed for this situation.

The public housing is a very functional space for families to live in. There are basic needs; sleeping, eating, bathing, relaxing areas with interesting and functional blocking screens covering the space up. The screen is designed to be in a triangular shape, within the triangle forms many triangles for some usages such as storing books, equipment. Some can be used for hanging clothes to dry as well as planting crops, (which is quite interesting for grandmother). For bigger form of triangle formed inside could even
be a relaxing area where people can be laid down and chill.
Moreover, one unit of the whole triangle can be joining to another,
Depending on necessary usages.

Moreover, converting the story into graphic
is what an architect should do.

This book tells a story from the beginning tip the end,
it is about inhabitants' profile, routine, 
and diagrams.

Overall, this public housing would be located in
Makkasan Areas. There is an old storage/warehouse
of trains nearby that area. 

It is perfectly fit with the dimension of
100-unit of triangle public houses.