Project 2: 'The Suspended House of Equality' by Mary Losmithgul

There is a great divide between rich and poor, and the gap between sectors is growing more apparent. With a society split by hierarchy, we oftentimes forget that we are all people, and just because our pockets don't contain the same value, does not mean we need to discriminate amongst ourselves. 

In Thailand, the richest in the country make up to 60% of the total income. The poorest in the country make less than 4%.

This inequality must stop. 

The design proposal attempts to use architecture as a tool to integrate two distinctly different social classes within the same space. 

The space utilizes large openings to promote interaction. The simple, easily customised interior enables people with different cultural roots and interests to personalise the space. Revolving doors provide the power to manipulate the space from one large space to smaller private spaces depending on necessity.

The housing unit is held up by a superstructure that consists of thick cross-shaped columns. A concrete waffle structure is supported by the columns, from which the floor and walls hang. Due to the fact that the walls are suspended and therefore load-bearing, the inhabitant has the freedom to dictate where they are placed. This also allows for the expansion of the unit along the grid as the inhabitant improves in financial standing. Such possible expansion encourages notions of improving ones circumstance through effort. Capitalism for the win.

While the design is not limited to a specific group of people, two clients were studied in the initial phase of the project. More information regarding their characteristics, needs, and lifestyles can be found within the inhabitant report.

The design will be located in one of the most expensive real estates in Bangkok; along Ratchaprasong intersection, between Siam Paragon and Central World. This location was picked in an effort to merge less wealthy citizens into the most elite part of society, in order to balance the social structure of the area. Not only that, but the location is Bangkok's center of transport, allowing easy access to affordable public transport.