Project 2 : Space Optimization by Napat Kanjanasaya

I made a statement that in the future, Bangkok would get more dense in the city area, high rise buildings will be filled and would have taken over the city lands, therefore less space would be available and if a person wanted to own a space, the cost of purchasing the area or land would be very expensive. I wanted to create a space which will be very efficient and small so that it wouldn't cost that much 
 As my inhabitant is a student studying at Chulalongkorn University, i would want to create a living space which is private and as well as effective to the lifestyle of the inhabitant. the profile of the inhabitant can be read below.
First of all i wanted to mention to the previous phase of work which i have produced which is the Wall Project. In that phase, I tried to experiment with the form which can be manipulated to function with human and looking at more possible structure that can be realistically done.
The shape acts as wall as well as function as a public seat. and this is where my inspiration came to creating the public housing unit.
In this project, I tried to define space by arranging each programs within the habitat to create a suitable living space and to create as much space as possible within the room size limitations for a single person of 25 sq. meters.
 This leads me into thinking that what if we go vertically?  so I did by increasing the height of the unit to 5 meters tall where this would allow me to stack the programs.

The programs within the room are pushed aside to the front and back of the unit to create what i called a multipurpose area in the middle of the room which is 2 x 5 meters which is considered a big space in a 25 sq. m. room.
For the interior, I tried to take the waffle structure from the wall project and integrated them as part of a wall and furniture in order to save space rather than installing more furniture inside the unit. The notching between the structures allows storage which can be stored almost the entire structure and the curved glass would gives a more open feeling to the inhabitant making the room feels bigger as well as allowing natural light in. The unit structure can easily be assembled because it is all prefabricated pieces of timber.

 The site is located 2 km away from Chulalongkorn University which is convenient for the inhabitant to travel around. the surrounding has many street food and vendors and convenient store which the cost of living in this site would be much lower and is 2 km away from the main center point. The site is under the free way which is an empty unused area which could possibly apply the unit into the space and the freeway is elongated so units can be placed linearly.