Project 2 : "interactive space" By Chayaphon Ruenruedeepanya


Technology defines personality and shape attitude of human being then and now.

Human being always been and will forever be living in an era of evolution, invention, and technology as we speaking now it is constantly developing. However in this 21st century we are all familiar with the sentence or question that states “Technology is slowly taking control of our life” and “has society become controlled by technology?” Technology is giving us everything we could ever want and at the same time stolen everything we really need. Human basic nature is to interact and socialize among one another; also known as “social value”. Yes of course social value still do exist in 21st century, it couldn’t be going anywhere since it is the very basic element of human nature however it have been transform into the thing we so call “social networking”. People pay less attention to their surroundings, instead focus on the screen of the electronic device in order to connect to other people.
For the pass few decade the ratio of inhabitant from countryside that move in to capital city have been increasing. They all hope and dreams that by being in capital city where facility, infrastructure and things are much more advance and developed, they will be able to earn more income to support their family. All kind of inhabited space has been build focusing on the problem of population growth. However all of these spaces were design base on the life style of human in the past.

The inhabited space that will be design for the lifestyle of human in future must be able to not only solve the population growth problem but will need to be able to solve the issue of social value. The space will be design base on the existing shop house but with the idea of creating opening, void, and specific functionality that design for each space it will create an effect that force people to snap out of their own device and start to interact to each other. The design will be focusing on two most important socializing spaces in the house which is dining room and living room. For the rest of the space in the house will be design in such a way that make these two important socializing spaces stands out for example, bed room will be design for only sleeping but it doesn't means that each member in the house will not be getting their own personal space. The personal space will be located right beside the bed room but notes that in that the function of personal space will only serve what is actually defined as personal. There are many more factors that could engage people not only in the family but neighbor to interact with each other.