Project 2: "Single-Parent Habitat" by Jinapa Sanyong

Bangkok in 2024

           Over the past 10 years in Bangkok, due to the problem of poor Economy and Political problems causing many people become depressed with lots of stress by their works and also the development of many new technology have created the gaps and conflict in the family causing marriage lives failed because they don’t talk to each other patiently or trying to solve the problem as they used to like the past generation.  We can see and tell from the increase rating of the number of divorce couples are rising up every year.

            At present time, Single parent families have become quite common with majority numbers than the old “Tradition family” or "Nuclear Family" that consists of a mother, a father and children. So today we can see all sorts of single parent families: headed by Mothers, by Fathers or by the Grandparents raising the children or grandchildren by themselves. This is because of their Divorce, Unintended pregnancy or death of the partner and single parent adoption.

Habitat Design

       The design was using the element from the previous project which is "Wall" by using different length of wall to design different module for different number of people to live which can be connected to each other as below diagram. My inhabitant which is mother and daughter are living in module type 2 which is for 2 person to live in.



      In the next 10 year the business area (Siam) will expand so Pranakorn side most of the land will be use for business only few along the river still for residence area. The site that I choose is Park near Memorial Bridge or Saphan phut along Chao Phaya river  which is quite plane and has a nice view also easy to travel to both side.