Project 2, "Resurge: A Canal Renewal Project" by Channat Karnkorkul

The second part of the project is to design public housing in Bangkok. Canals in general were one used as the main traveling and living system. People live along canals and have floating water markets on boat, it was once an important part in living in as a Thai. With the city growing faster and developing, high-rise buildings are erected and canals lose their importance to the people.

My public housing will be designed to influence people to a new strategy of living, which will be along the canals in a linear housing system. A linear system allows all the people to get a part of the canal, to be used as a living, social, and most importantly, a public space. Since the housing will be on both sides, I want to create a relation between the housing and the canal, and the relation between both sides, so that people are influenced to use space on both sides, and also below on the canal.

The result is a structure of a bridge, that cantilevers on both sides. Units will be stacked together on top and next to my structure from project 1.2. The modular system of wooden trusses were able to span vertically, horizontally, and thus, diagonally. This made the structure of units cantilevering each other on both sides possible, having the trusses support each other. The system blocks the sun from above, providing shade below and creating a public space that allows for recreational activities.

Since the aim of the public housing is to influence a new strategy of living, it will be initiated on the canals in Bangkok. My first decided location is on Saen Saeb canal, one of the longest canals in the city. The housing is situated at Baan Krua community, a long lasting community that has been here ever since the canals were the main system of the people's lifestyle. The canal is now constructed with locks and used in a more commercial purpose for tourism; boats used for traveling create air and noise pollution, disrupting the community and the canal itself.

A singular unit in the housing will contain only the essential things that is considered a good quality of living. It will try to influence people to spend their time outside in public spaces more and spend less time in their units, whilst trying to provide them with privacy without forcing them.

My inhabitant is a family consist of five members (father, mother, grandmother, son and daughter). The canals should allow most people to inhabit it, and so the inhabitants were made to be typical and generic, having only some features that make them unique. Additional information can be viewed in
 the report.