Project 2 : Public Housing 'A Balance Between Order and Chaos' - the Individual Habitat" by Vorapattr Phornprapha

Achieving a balance between order and chaos.

For the individual habitat. The spaces are designed based on the idea of using the semiotics of the material to encourage order or chaos. The partition elements are brick based structure creating both straight and distorted surfaces. Hence the system of applied semiotics is used based on the functional usage of the particular room on whether it needs to be chaotic or in order.

The canonical view depicts the inhabitant using the space created by the modular and irregular brick structure, depending on the function and the range of order and chaos.

Thonglor 16-18 Sukhumvit 55, the harmony of order and chaos existing coherently. This site was specifically chosen for the public housing project due to the equally existing order and chaos in the area. The slums are hidden behind the high rises of one of the most wealthy streets in Thailand.

Dossier and Manifesto

Inhabitant Report, Texture Semiotics and Surface Manipulation.