Project 2 " Pets house" by Patteera Chantrasuriyarat

Pets House
          The rapidly growth of human population is a regular issue in today's society. This issue effects many other issue, especially the economy. When it comes to the economic issue, it means less vacant space in the developed area as lots of people are moving in, decreasing of natural resource or even the increasing of unemployed and lay off the employee which these can affect mentality especially stress and depression and most of the people who got an effect are salary man and as the vacant space in Bangkok are decreasing, many people have to move up to high rise building which these building are not allow pets to live inside.


          To reduce the stress, pets is chosen to be another way to therapy the mental especially dogs and in this project, I design a habitat for pets and his owner. It will help those who want therapy and pet lover.

          For the site, I chose the Bangkapi area as a location for the public housing as this district is the area for supporting the extension of Bangkok. This district has number one household in Bangkok and number one household that have pets. In the future if people have to move up to the high rise, this public housing will support those who want to live with their pets.

           In this housing, it is designed to be suit for animals without those problem including hygiene, disturbing sound, safety and etc. There are many specific facilities for pets to avoid these damage for both in one unit and for the overall of the building for example, in each room, there will be a transformable wall that can be transform to be suit with function that people want to use for example, wooden screen can be use when the ventilation is needed. The public space as an outdoor space which pets can use this space for relaxation from living only inside the box. Moreover, this space also form a small communities of the dweller and give the opportunities for them to interact.