Project 2 : New typology of shophouse for businessmen By Nikki

What would Bangkok look like in another 10 years?
High technology will bring people into the city, cause jammed traffic and also the pollution from both on the streets and inside 
the buildings and the outdoor environment will become worse. This effects to my inhabitant's condition. 

The Inhabitant is a man who currently lives with parents in single house, himself has his own business which is quite small one, 
handmade products which the studio office is separated from his house. This leads him to travel everyday. Not only this man but the number of small business 
has been increasing year by year and consider what they have to face with Bangkok situation, it inspired me to bring back the concept of shophouse
 where the living and working space are combined into one place...

The design unit is visually separate between the live and work space into several floors, having stairs in the middle as connection. 
However, because there's no walls at all so the whole unit still give unity to the space.

Before starting the designed unit, I was assigned to start on designing the smallest elements in the building which are column, beams and walls as it will be the key concept for further design. The elements it chose to work with are the column and beams. The column has pentagon shape so it is supported by beans from 5 sides, which, when connect these columns together to form a space, it allows me to create an asymmetrical 

This canonical view display how the atmosphere of the space's interior will look like support the idea that even there's no wall 
but the usage of each space can still be visually divided.

Lastly is the site choosing. It's the semi-plain area near BTS Ratchathewi, one station away Siam and also considered as centre part of city. 
Currently, it contains of one big field and unfinished building which can be calculate around 50x50 sq/m. surrounded by hotels 
and condominiums so it still gives sense of living area for inhabitant. The reason I mention that is because apart from being a home for them, 
this whole building will contains of public space such as retail shops, galleries etc. that allows visitors to interact with the place.

This district also gathers the target group who interest in artistic fields as it contains of the Bangkok Art and Cultural centre and art studio design tutorial school. The specific area I chose also currently be the place where graffiti painters come to create their art work on walls so this place is going to be an area to gather the creatives...