Project 2 : Modular Housing Units by Supakrit W.

Project 2 : Modular Housing Units by Supakrit W.
This projects was about design the solution for the livable environment in the limited area. The government have to take more control of amount of area in each person to conserve a very limited livable space on each person. 

Due to the continuous decline in the population's birth rate and the increase in death rate, Bangkok City is starting to face a shortage of employee. However, it appears that there are more and more country people coming to work and live here. The higher education is likely to be more approachable for Bangkok citizen than for people in rural areas. As a result, Bangkok people have more opportunity of getting better job positions than country people do. Nowadays, laboring jobs are taken by rural people who come to the city, believing that they may get better chance of earning more income. In the future, there seems to be more country people entering Bangkok. Some might come to travel. Some stay for a short period and some for a long time. Bangkok will be overpopulated.

Inhabitant Report: I designThe client of this project deals as the country people who work in Bangkok as the inhabitant report for studying his or her life.
Manifesto: An explanation of entriend of the though of project, and how the future will be, all the problem, festinating point of view, and the proposal for the solution as well. 

The Booklet : The Booklet shows the different configuration of spaces. 

Isometric Drawing : Isometric Drawing shows the function and  architectural element of the modular unit 

 The Canonical View : The Canonical view portrays the living condition of single people in living unit in only 16 square meter.

Therefore, my proposal is to construct the new style of public housing that provides the livable environment and flexible space, which encourage people to live together. Within a single square unit the residents would always feel at home and comfortable to move in and out combining with the new configuration of the system that creating the social gathering spaces for socialization of how groups of people living together as one community.