Project 2 : "Living Unit For Athlete" By Ekasit Worawiwat


In near future, population of Bangkok will increase a lot. They live as individually. Each person doesn’t have relationship with each other. Friends and family become distant because they are highly competitive. Everybody have to fight and work very hard. But there is one thing, which helps people to relax both physical and psychological at the same time that is “Sports”.

Sports become an important part of people life. Most people take sport to be a part of their entertainment. Since they enjoy in sport very much therefore athlete becomes hero and superstar in people’s view. They are like an idol of many children. There are a lot of people that follow, support, and admire them. It seems like they become expectation of Thai people in this moment. When they have a match, Thai people will stop doing personal business and unify with intimate person to watch and cheer them together. Somebody unite with friend to cheer sport, some like to watch with couple, some prefer to join their family to watch together. Everyone is happy when watching a sport. Watching a sport become an activity, which adds the relationship between friends or family very well. This is a moment that people can spend time together. Moreover watching sport, people also like to play sport very much because playing sport makes healthy and be in unity.  Furthermore sport is one of important factors that make people to love and proud in the nation and become nationalist. Sport can make unity, it makes people to be of one heart and one mind and be united in action and spirit. No matter who you are, all is one.

All of these are reasons why sport becomes popular and interesting activity. Especially in women society, who used to like drama and impress in actor, are attracted by sport instead. Due to so many athletes, who are celebrities, are women like them. Besides they are also famous because capacity more than appearance.