Project 2 : "Keep Out (but welcome anyway) -the Individual Habitat" by Chayakorn Chulasai


Living in solitude, you can express yourself willfully as extreme as you desire. But the limit of expression exist in Thais context. You can not totally be yourself  in family due to Thai's social surrounding. Moving to solitude, as mention above, those peoples are looking for the peace from conflict between themselves and other; which can refer to their family member, even if they are related but they are not sharing the same interest. 

The unit was designed to support the person who is looking for staying or/and living individual by the unit itself only provided the basic facility while left over the rest for 'possession' comes manipulate the space as an inhabitant identity.

Canonical View : the portray of extreme living - rave, as difficult to happen in regular
Thai family house.  

Isometric Drawing : the installation to 'column', provided facility and structure.

Site: An area that the unit can be related to the context in term of inhabitant.

Manifesto & Report of rebellion teenage who looking for a place to live in solitude