Project 2: "The Integrating Habitat" ,by Mairin Sirisahawat

How do we judge people? It’s the question nobody has the right answer. A lot of people are still asking themselves why they do not have the right to do things like others. Some people look down to those people who are not in the same class of them. Disability was also sometimes judged they are not normal. Then the another question come up in my mind ‘How do we judge who are normal?’ If the reason they have been called abnormal is because they cannot do their routines by themselves, they should not be called abnormal. Disable people don’t need only physical treatment, but they also need mental treatment. Nowa- days, almost every country around the world put the investment on the develop- ment of disability’s lives. They provided the house, the public house, and employ people to take care of them. However, what they would like to have it’s actually not any foster people but a ‘Family’.

It would be a better society if everyone takes care of each other. The com- munity should not be fragmented as the present, especially between people and disability, and the habitat should be the medium to connect both groups together. So the future habitat is going to be the integrating of various kinds of people taking care of each other with no people classification.

In this future community, a family can choose whether they want to have a disability to take care of or not, like a donation. Sometimes, people don’t want to take care of a disability because of the cost of living. To increase the number of donating family in the community, the government may have to encourage people by giving some prize to them for being as the donator. For example, it might be the discount for apartment rent or sale so that they have the capability to take care of an added member. 

Site Map: Suan Jatujak Park

Isonometric Drawing: Exploded Structure

Canonical View: 7 types of room + a sharing space

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