project 2, the inhabitant dormitory, natthawipa sangkakit, noon

When students study in universities sometimes they would want to live near the university so that they can travel easily. Some of the student’s house might not in Bangkok, such as exchange students or students who live out of Bangkok. Parents would try to find residences that are near to their kid’s school or university. Dorms, condominiums or rented houses are some of the choices. There are many factors in choosing residences.
         Dorms would be what I am focusing on, it is very similar to public housings. It is cheap and made for a large amount of people to live in. It has regulations that people need to meet and follow in order to be able to live in. Student’s dorm would normally separate girls and boys. There would be times that people can enter the dorm and when they can’t. Some dorms wouldn’t allow visitors in as well, which lead to a lot of difficulties for students that are living in. Not everyone can live in dorms, sometimes you need to register and do interviews in order to get in. Finding roommates is also a big problem and it is something that people are aware of when living in dorms.
            Roommates lead to a lot of problems. Everyone has different interests and lifestyle. Activities and faculties have a lot of impact on one student’s lifestyle. It can reflect how much time and space one student would use in one dorm room. It might as well locate which room they should be at. The personality and lifestyle of a person can shape a space. Rooms would be designed for the student to have the best space for living in and most effective in have a university life. Dormitory rooms should as well be designed to make two different people be able to live with each other. Having no conflict in light and sound. Two students might have different kinds of activities and types of homework, if they can live together effectively it can lead to a positive relationship between friends.

            The problem would be solved if both students have their own private rooms, but also a room where they could do some activities together. The space is designed to have three kinds of private and public environment. The first one when entering would be the public room, which has no private room within in. The next space, the first room when you enter would be the public room that has doors to two private rooms on the side and one to the other public room. There is only one joint for going to a private room from a public room. The private rooms itself would connect each other. The facade of the dormitory would help each student adapt his or her space with sunlight. It can be adjust once you move in. Each room would have different facades due to the time that the student is active in the room. The student might be more active during night, then there would be less wood panels, but if they are more active during day there might be more wood panels

The site I chose to study is Sam Yan's parking lot.