Project 2 : "Informal Settlement Habitat" by Ployratsamee T.

Project 2 : "Informal Settlement Habitat" by Ployratsamee T.

Another next 10 years, what is Bangkok will be ? 
As the city were develops, there is will be more high-rise building to provide a space in demand of increasing the population. Thus all of the empty area or the area which no authority gets very valuable and its needed by people. 


This phase of the project is focusing on the informal settlement in Bangkok (Klong Toey District) as it is the area which soon will be use the developing and people who live in there they need the space to be live. Therefore the government would be provide another new formal settlement for them to live and give them an opportunity to live in a good place and having a good life. This will increase the quality of life for these people, thus making this city better as a whole for upcoming future.

The canonical view showing the activity and the atmosphere of how people will be like in a new formal settlement in the future. As the design proposal which using the small space and trying to fit all the possibility and capability for various people to live together in one unit in a good quality of living.