Project 2 : Inflatable Apartment by Sitanan Piancharoen

       Nowadays people lack basic social skills. The act of communication is something that should be in human nature. However, because we are constantly messing with nature and trying to beat it with science, we have somehow lost this basic skill.

       Thus, the design aims to create an environment that promotes socialization. I intend to create a space with ambiguous borders that can fluctuate between personal enclosed spaces as well as shared public areas. There is no fixated boundary between public and private as the lines are blurred. This will allow a sense of flexibility within the space, allowing reality to reveal itself rather than shaping and thus restricting it with architecture.

One unit of the room for people living individual and also in short period of time, each unit can only appear at night for people to have there own privacy but when in the morning this unit have to be filed and the space will be just a empty space only column are left so all people can share space with others and force interaction between each other. 
A shared “public” spaces such as kitchens and toilets, as well as well designed circulation spaces could encourage interaction.