Project 2 : The Individual Habitat "Prefabrication as Preparation for Massive Migration" by Visut Innadda

Bangkok has, over the years, became one of the most prosperous destinations for foreign investors. Bangkok has the population of over 8 million or over 12 percents of the country's population. The city is also a major regional force in financial and medical facilities, the central of domestic transportation and logistic networks as well as an international hub for transportation and healthcare. Combining with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that allows free flow of skilled labor within the South East Asia economic zone, Bangkok has the potential to be among the top choices for multinational cooperations to locate their regional headquarters and expand into SouthEast Asia market. With expectation of foreign businesses investments to be taking foot into the region, Bangkok, once the AEC take full effects, could be looking at a tremendous expand in foreign investments and foreign workforce occupying the city.

As a city's population grows in number, it influences the growth in the investments of collective inhabitation infrastructure namely high-rise condominiums and apartments. With over 60,000 business expected to be setting foot into the region, the number of workers, the ASEAN collars, needed to support them would be multiple times that number which would consequently result in an immense sprawl of high-rise condominiums and apartments where each would locate in prime locations and take at least a year and a half to built. This would lead to blockades of several major and already jammed streets of Bangkok, enough to put Bangkok's traffic into paralysis during the early years of AEC initiation. This could jeopardize Bangkok's attractiveness to foreign investors community.

The designing of the individual habitat will concern 3 key elements. Firstly, to create living unit that provide sufficient space for daily routine and life styles as well as being an escape from day to day chaotic scene of Bangkok life for the inhabitant group; tertiary business sector employees from neighbor South East Asian countries (which will be referred to as "ASEAN Collars") which will be expanded on in the “Inhabitant Report”.

 Secondly, to create a building system that consist primely of pre-fabricated components that allows for the briefest amount of time on site and effects the traffic for the shortest amount of time. Finally, to be the starting unit which will be developed upon into a community habitat.

The selected site was chosen based on its critical location, it is at the corner of an intersection where Petchaburi and Payathai cross. This connects the site to the BTS sky train system on Payathai road as well as the highway which connects to Petchaburi road, connecting the inhabitant to the business district of Bangkok.