Project 2 : The Individual Habitat " Multi family housing for low-income immigrants " by TingTing Chaowirakit

         In the near future, Bangkok will be facing the overpopulation issue according the increasing number of people settling in the city each year. Mostly, The people who move to Bangkok are from the country side. These immigrants come to seek for the better income and quality of life. According to their financial limitation, They apparently cannot afford a large individual living space. Therefore, they have to share spaces with some friends or other group of people to reduce the cost. It is concerned that the family expansion of these low-income people could become a major problem in the future. There's question of how they can remain the living standards or improve it without moving to a new, larger place. 

        The design of multi-family public housing aims to set the new standard of low-income living by creating a multi-level home where each floor of the house defines each family's privacy. This  prototype features 3 1/2 floors with  3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and shared spaces. With the base area of 65 sqm and the total usage area of about 150 sqm. It can accommodate up to 9 people. It is compact and most importantly, affordable. By using concrete and glass panel to cover and reveal some certain parts, the visibility and invisibility from the outside define privacy and publicity of the residents. 

           In term of social impact of having too many people living together under one roof. The floor seperation will help give each family get some private area where they can independently express themselves. The scale of the house is at its minimum. The ceilings are quite low and the walkway or doors are narrow. This is the intention of making this design require less space but acquire more living quality. The tilted part of the roof are placed by louvers instead of glass panels because its surface exposed tothe sunlight most time of the day. So, the house wouldn't get too hot and the area underneath is the bathroom. Having louvers will be great for ventilation.

           For the next phase, 100 units of public housing, I have chose 'Klongsan market area' to be the site. As it is a place full of various occupations and low-income people who mostly work within the market as street vendors or workers. With a large number of people living together in the old-Bangkok area, It makes Klongsan a very dense living area where the houses are right next to one another. There's a large empty  land which belongs to a nearby temple that could be developed to be the next public housing in the near future.