Project 2 : The Individual Habitat "House of Equality" by Rapee Preedapan

Nowadays, there is a high density of population per square meters in Bangkok. Poor people cannot afford high prices lands or houses. So they form their own community together called ‘Slum’ around urban area. People build their own house in particular space and they don’t have to pay for the rent of their place, so in legislative way, they don’t have regard permission to stay on site, because of these facts, slum dwellers don’t get a full supported from government for their sanitation unlike other people.

The design straightforward the idea of breaking wall between slum community and urban community, means that people are form into one community to create same standard quality of life in public housing which is provided clean facilities and good sanitary that suitable for everyone.

I choose the site location at Khlong toei port just behind the biggest slum community in Thailand, because site location is easy to access and located in heart of Bangkok and also next to the slum community which easy to move in  and out.