Project 2 : The individual habitat " Flexible house for elderly people " by Chaitawat Jirunyakul

  In the future, Bangkok city population will increase continuously. The rate of birth will decrease but death will increase. From this reason make the main population will be the elder in the future world.
  From the past Thai family was the big family living together. The future family will be the single family and left the parents behind. They receive the culture from western but didn’t adapt with our lifestyle. The population will ­overpopulate in Bangkok. Everything in the city will go faster by the limited time. Most of them left the ­­ behind to live alone. The elderly aren’t the part of the Bangkok society. Most of them didn’t retire yet because their children didn’t look after them and didn’t have good welfare.
   The building in Bangkok will increase in the vertical direction. The elderly people will not familar to their childhood, they need to live in their familar place. The skyscraper will growth up everywhere in Bangkok. The familar place for elderly will going to disappear.
   The elderly need the place that they can feel their familar place and not feel alone. I need to integrated elderly to the part of the Bangkok society. From the past elderly is actually the is key of society to move forward.

   Nowadays architecture in Bangkok didn’t adapt to the weather, environment, context because we recieved culture from the western so we should to adapt the architecture to our place. The designed can fullfil our architecture as our native architecture “ tropical design “. In the future every building going to changed to green building and tropical designed. In fact, the familiar land of elderly was hold by capitalism so we need to make the building for elderly that they can feel the familiar place, combined with the tropical design and green architecture.

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