Project 2 : "Incremental Habitat" by Panittra Eawsivigoon


The view portrays the commodity of the incremental habitat where transparency plays a critical role in the act of social interaction between each living unit and the segregation of the unit within the unit that could be connected with neighbour inhabitant as some parts could be entirely closed off to create the private living sector and some parts could be exposed by the transparent wall or floor panel to allow visual observation and further social interaction.


The individual unit consists of the main structural grid that connects to the superstructure. Within the cube, the square sides are further dissected into smaller and smaller square grids which forms the physique of the wall, that are able to be customised by placing within it panels of preferred material by the inhabitants, allowing them to craft and shape the functionality of their own living space. The importance of the material lies with its transparency or the exposure to nearby surroundings, as in the interaction between the inhabitants within the complex. One unit can therefore join with nearby unit to various extent, physically or visually to further expand the inhabited boundaries, fulfilling the aim of the incremental public housing that intends to create a community for alienated rural migrants.



Report of the inhabitant : growing rural to urban migrants within Thailand, demonstrating the statistic growth due to reasons for instance the better of living conditions and the sacrifice of the sense of community between the transfer from rural housing principles to urban condominium complex, therefore resulting in a initiative for design to compensate the sense of belonging supposedly to exist within one residential community.