Project 2: "Immigrants Housing Units for ASEAN Community" by Trai Praditpong

 Housing for Myanmese Immigrant as case study for housing for ASEAN Community

In our current day and age, our workforce consist of a lot of Immigrants, especially the Myanmese. There are about two and a half millions or five percent of the whole Myanmese population currently living in Thailand. Although these people played a large role in helping this country function, the government is not able to provide them with basic right such as a proper place to live. This design proposal attempt to rectify the situation by providing the space where these people can live a decent live. At the same time, they can blend into Thai society, yet still be able to maintain their cultural aspect.

If the situation does not improved, in the near future, after the opening of AEC, these immigrants might go back to their own country. If this were to happen, this would be a great threat to Thailand economy because they are a large part of Thailand workforce. Burma economic is developing and will most likely to develop even faster after the implement of AEC or ASEAN Economic Community. However, if the state were to provide them with proper accommodation, a proper place to live, they will be more willing to stay in Thailand and work for us. Due to the current situation, they would still receive much higher wage working in Thailand compared to their home countries.

Link to Manifesto

The housing for the inhabitants aim is to create space that allow the immigrant to live together as a whole community. The design is believed to help erase the idea of these immigrants living in slum, in a bad housing condition. This also would improve the immigrants image in Thai mind. If this were to happen, more Myanmese would be more willing and more happy to live and work in Thailand.

The design took on the idea from the previous parts of the project, the beam and the wall. Each housing unit took on the shape of trapezoid, arranging them together vertically.  They are inserted into the steel trapezoid frame structure. The housing unit can be flipped to accommodate different size of family. Due to the fact that they usually shared the cost of renting within a group of friends or family members, these variability could provide different need while maximising the space within each room and reducing the cost per individual.

The chosen site is an empty piece of land, located not very far from the heart of the city. The place is very accessible because the site is located next to big roads and highway is located nearby. This allows the immigrants to travel to their working place easily.