Project 2: 'The House in Digital World' by Thitiporn Trithepvilai.




A Canonical view through the living space.



The increasing of social addicted in the world especially in Bangkok today is very concerning in term of the interaction with the surrounding. They often have there own world where they share and explore whenever or wherever. Most of the social addicted wanted to become the center of the social network. However, this is not eternity at some point they just want to be just ordinary people were they have a simple lifestyle.

According to what i have said, i didn't intend to change their routine but to helps them distinct the privacy area and encourage the social activities in actual realm more than digital world.

So i proposed a design that would respond inhabitant characteristic, lifestyle, and the obsession of being a public figure. By dividing the habitat into three different layers, categorize by the privacy of habits in the program, which is private, semi-private and public, arrange in vertical and also in horizontal.

Where the private space is in the middle core, surrounded by the public activities or public space.

Public space is define as an oblique shape relating to the flashy lifestyle of the user. Furthermore, it provides slope for user conveying the eyes and lifestyle to be one continuous space. 
Also, concave facade glasses is performs as a wall aiming to enlarge the activities of the inhabitants. Giving the feeling of being in the attention same as the void in the ceiling that would give natural light similar to a spotlight on the stage performances.

Next, semi-private use of convex facade glass where it gives smaller image, looking from the outside.
And last, Private space define by a simple shape according to a simple lifestyle of the inhabitant's lifestyle.

In addition, i added an elevated platform for circulation in vertical to convenient the user as a shortcut for life. 
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The site is located on the rama3 rd. next to the river. 

Habitant's Dossier
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