Project 2: Homosexual Village by Nattatida Damrongvisetpanit

As we all know, many countries forbid same-sex relationship because the believe marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which is by its nature laws. Nowadays, there are more and more homosexual couple than before because it is more opened and accepted, but still most of them feel separate from the others. Some families don't accept them, as well as the social.
So I offer a choice of  the new living space for homosexual whether they are male or female couple, a group of friend, a family, or even an individual. It aims to make them feel comfortable and feel free because there is no judgement in sexual orientation within this space.


It'd been very hard to create the space for specific group of people because everyone is different whether they are homosexual or heterosexual, they always have the interests differently.

So then I have to create the characters as a representation of gay couples their names are Danny Reeb and Sam Harbert. 

For the site, It is located in Pradist Manudharm road which is the connection road between Ekkamai road and Rama 9 road. I chose this site because it is in residential area where there is no busy people, busy businesses, and busy traffic. Therefore, it matches with lifestyle both of them where they want to be full rested when they are home and surrounded with nature. However, there is an expressway next to their habitat and they are diving a car to work so there would not be a problem in transportation. Even though this site is not full of buildings like sukhumvit but there are many shopping malls and convenience shops around that area.

Here is the design, I started from their routines and listed what they want individually and what they share. I decided to use beam as the main element and use it as a division of spaces. The space area depends on what activity they use the most.