Project 2: "Habitat Retreat" by Suphasek Ruangraweewat

“Life is all about the unpredictable.”
We go through life each day confronting uncertainties, which comes with expectation and disappointment, all of which causes stress. Statistics have shown that stress has increased 30% over the past three years, and the number would certainly increase in the future. The city street would only get busier, filling with machines and the livings. The noise pollution would penetrate every square meter of the city, leaving no peace anywhere. Not just these external troubles, the internal conflicts would multiply. People would get so attached to devices, technology and the virtual world of social networks that it causes nothing but stresses and addiction. They would either spend time with the Internet or busy with workloads that there is no time left for their mind to rest.

In the future, meditation would be the thing people would seek for. The troubles of the city life would slowly remind people of the internal peace that they unconsciously long for. Home would be the only place where people would find privacy and peace, just like how it is today. However, it’s not yet so efficient. People still receive noises and access from the outside world either physically, visually, or electrically. Therefore, it is necessary to get the most out of this one’s only private space, for a person to get fully detached, and would be able to spend time alone with his or herself. 
This is where architecture comes to help. With all the uncontrollable uncertainties of the outside world, architecture has to provide a ‘predictable’ living condition in order to decrease the level of stress for people. Home should be like a shelter for people to get a retreat. It should become an instinct that when you get home, you are allowed to be relaxed, and unconsciously, meditate. An ideal home of the future is a space that is so peaceful that one can fully concentrate on the sound of their breath. Most efficiently, the space should encourage people to meditate. It should provide visually, physically, and acoustically

Inhabitant Report
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My inhabitant resembles a person who needs a recover from the outside world. She grown up being a perfect woman in term of education, business, and intelligence. However, without realizing, all of these things are changing her personalities. She became more and more stressful in life. It increases her ego, affects her personalities, and made her an aggressive person.

She, then, needs a retreat when she realizes that these perfection, although it's increasing her reputation, it is not making her happy at all, but it's harming her from the inside instead. Therefore, she seeks for meditation and peace and my architecture would helps her by allowing her to live in a habitat that would combine living and meditation together.

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