Project 2: "Habitat for the single working class men" By Kiert (Kor) Vitoonwithluck

Individual Habitat 

For this part of the project I have chosen to focus on designing a habitat for the single working class men, which after researching the sizes, I have limited the size of my habitat to a maximum of 30 sqm.


This first image represents my manifesto where the juxtaposition of the past and present represents the type of architecture that we have been accustomed to, where we have somehow forgotten the past and designed towards the future in a "western way" by western, I mean materials, location and type of buildings.

These next two images represents the site which I have chosen, the top one is a representation of the site in plan view scale 1: 1000, and the second image is of the site and its surroundings, showing the different modes of transport and also the different buildings around them.

These two images show the concept of the unit design, where the first one shows the exterior concept which includes the roof garden, solar panels and walls which could photosynthesize, these all add up to the "sustainable design" of the unit.

The next image shows the interior concept of the unit, showing the different space allocations which starts with the bedroom at the bottom, then the work space one the second level and the kitchen, eating area and living room on the third floor.

This last image shows the canonical view of the space, where it shows the different spaces within the unit, yet also showing the view of Bangkok, which I have represented as Bangkok in the future.