Phrase 2: "From Slum to Utopia" by Atikhun Manoonchai


From Slum to Utopia

This project aims is to develop slum condition in Bangkok. Now slum is perceived as a bad place, as in a environment, behavior, etc. by people. So the government want to solve the problem by developing them. This project will make a more comfort place for people in slum and also make the environment and infrastructure better so it will remove the negative side of the city while also let them have a better place to live.

 The concept is to provide them with a new place. However it also need to be constructed fast since if slow they won't have a place to stay before it is done. By making a precast timber framework for them will allows them to have a new resident at their place but more efficient in a way they use the space. This framework are a combination from many timber rods. Some of them are structure and some of them is a useable part. The usable part allows user to rotate or pull them down to make their own partition or as a furniture (surface or platform needed). This allows the inhabitant to construct their own place according to their own use and need.

From slum to Utopia
Atikhun Manoonchai

Nowadays, slum in Bangkok has grown on its size and take a lot of space from the city. Along with many problems occur in the site. The government now realize that we should not let it keep growing in a bad way and start to take a counter measure. To make a huge change to the slum to make it a better place. The thing they propose is to renovate the whole place by making a public housing. Public housing will keep the warm aspect of the community which is how they are together, helping each other. While also develop the environment, create more space to use for either slum or the city. Also now people have a better place to live, what next is to give them a proper job that not include illegal things. Bangkok still need a lot of development in many aspects, such as trash problems, pollutions, etc. basically, cleanliness. These are an opportunities for giving them jobs to them to make Bangkok a better place and also remove the problem of extraordinary low income people, crime, and illegal items. It is a both benefits condition.

They need the space to be more efficient and bigger than before. Changing the atmosphere will hype them up more than a cramped area. Also they even if they are given a jobs they still need a way to reduce their cost for maintaining their space. It can be done by improving the water system, using a natural light. Also they need a way to reduce the cost by themselves not by government too such as planting, reusing, and recycling. All of this are to increase their standard living to be a happier community.
               This project is to give those people a comfort of living condition by developing from infrastructure to their houses. Giving more space can becomes trouble because they already divide the space up for each individual houses and it will not be an easy task to give them more land. So a solution to this is to provide them thing that could make their space becomes more efficient. A design of transformable framework is provided for them. This allows them to use space more efficiently and it can be constructed by themselves according to their own use and need.

“I want to find some job for the slum people and I want to give a change for the slum people”

This is my manifesto which is the core idea of this project.

 In the next step we were assigned to make a report about the individual inhabitant. In this part I did a research on case study, "Slum Khlong Toei" in Bangkok. With the history of the place as the starting point. After that I went to the place to see the atmosphere and environment of the place. The thing I did there is to observe each individual house to see their possession and family structure as in asking how many members, who are they, what are their jobs, etc.

And to make it easier to understand I make a map of the area. This map shows the condition of living in each areas (all Khlong Toei slum).