Project 2 : 'edge of the water' by Phichayathida Rungruang

'Edge of the water'
living transitional lifestyle

The way of living in the future will completely change from now. 40-50 years from now Bangkok will be sinked and people will have to live nearby the water more and more. As the ground space is fully occupied. 

Way of living traditionally is importance and some how significant to remain. People on the shore have a lot more to keep than change. I believe in keeping the same traditional live style than changing them for the new way. 

The site is located nearby the Chao Phara River where it's the starting point of the rising of the water level. The units will increase from this point all around the canals and trenches. 

the feeling in the unit will be explode and also remaining the traditional materialistic of the site. The view of the flowing river become a moving picture on the wall. Where it always change but the living space of the inhabitant is stay the same. But however adapting and merging to the old traditional existing.

the isometric will of the unit is showing all the space where there is ground and upper floor, the upper for the private space, the ground floor is the public space all the room are facing to the river to receive the feeling where the water flows. The unit become almost explode showing the structure to the site to both receive and show the way people live.