Project 2: Collective Habitat Domestic Transformer by Thinnapoph Chongchiravisan_Trong

The Collective Habitat

                  In this project, we are required to create the inhabitant, clients, and housing project. So I first created the manifesto, and then focus more on the characteristics of the type of the clients I would choose to be my client, in this case, I picked 'Architectural Students' as my client, in my opinion, I think Bangkok in next 30 - 40 years would be very high density, and the government have to expand the area of Bangkok to the urban, and that move causes the problems to student and staff of Chulalongkorn University for sure, so in this project, I pretend myself to be an organization of Chulalongkorn University to figure out the problem of students and staffs' living. So I chose the place in Samyan as my construction site, because Samyan area belongs to Chulalongkorn organization. I started by designing a normal rectangular room that would suitable for my specific clients which is 'architectural students', they need special space to do their activities, for example, place for cutting model and working on their computers.

This one is the picture of my design on beam, column, and wall. I started designing the column by thinking of the column that the top would expand in order to help each other carrying the weight on top. And I continue doing the triangle shape on the beam, then the next project is the wall project
I still continue playing with triangle shape by thinking that the wall is something that separate one room from another and also separate the function of the room by creating different privacy, so I chose the different type of plant to create different privacy to the room.

This is the sample design of the room, I design 2 different room, one is the room for 1 people and the other design is the room for two people sharing the space together. On the sharing space there are moveable cabinet that have function of drafting table, cutting mat, computer, television, and kitchen.

Canonical view

Here is the site plan, I focus on Samyan district and the place that students would go in their daily life, such as, public transportation, shopping mall, hospital, university, temple