Project 2 : 'The coexistence' by Jakkaphan Luengvattanvut

Project 2:1

       This projects deals with a design solution to collect same kind of people together as the shop owner and the pet lover together. Because i thinks in the future, most of the building gonna become at high rise building as well as the most of them are not allow to have a pet inside the building so if we collect this kind of people together. 

     And the structure, i use the inspiration from the previous project as the x-cross structure to create a sense of the privacy in the structure using the gab between the space. By adding a difference kind of mirror on it as a transparent,translucent, reflected mirror.

Cononical show who she lives in the space and also how she live with her pet.

In the design, showing how the privacy system work as the mirror added into the gab.

Site : The building is located at the center of the Lumpini park surrounded by lake.

In the manifesto, i talk about what the difference between normal old people and this kind of people.

The report all told the story about the statistic, routine, how she manage her shop and etc.