Project 2: 'The Cloud City' by Sarita Chaiwongkiat


In the future, humans were built  differently from the pass, they have more convenient life, technology has become a part of their life and it has changed the way people live. Even though, humans in the next sixty years might have more peaceful life than nowadays, but to experiencing things by themselves is still the most important thing to do, just like in the pass.


Nowadays, gap between the equality of humans still exists even though humans are trying to create many useful machines and even robots to take over the work of humans. There is still a wide range between the wealthy class and the working class people. As in the next sixty years, everyone get richer (not only in a country but all over the word), the state starts to take more tax and people who can earn more start losing more. To save the money, wealthy people find it better to start working by them self than hiring workers (not only the Thai workers but also from the country nearby). 

At the time the way that people live is differently from the pass, skyscrapers get taller, everything lifted up from the ground and wealthy people are no longer having connection on the earth, they only visit the ground when unavoidable. However, to avoid the environmental solutions, as Earth is started to be overrun with garbage and devoid of plants, this group of people who can be lapped in luxury would live five kilometers up in the cloud, in the modular functional units. All the units are furnish with  3D Printing Model furniture as it is not easy to transport heavy objects from the ground. Each unit is a part of a skyscraper, it contains one single room with free space which can be create and transform to represent any kind of places and activities, depends on the usability of the users. 

However, the citizens start to turn their unit into a shop house and live as a community. The new generation starts to learn how to survive by themselves, living by their own and own a small business. They have more relationship and learn to communicate with others people. Even though, high technology is still be a part of their life and this is just the beginning of renovating the new generation, it avoids the inexperienced problem and range between classes as everyone has to work, also preclude the humans from the coming up problem such as avoid having relationships with other people which leading to an imminent sense of isolation in today’s society.

The building is will be build above and along the BTS line, it links up from the ground to the station and up in the air.The BTS stations are connect to many places such as malls and public transportation, MRT, Airport Link. It is also close to many main roads in Bangkok