Project 2 : 'The city space' by Thanapat Sriprasert

 At this point, I tried to design a living unit in my public housing in Bangkok which have some elements from my previous project as my reference.

I believe that traffic jam as a problem couldn't be solve in Bangkok but what we could do is to cure the situation. What I'm suggesting is to find a space in each unit for their transport, so that people wouldn't park their cars on the side of the road and block the flow of traffic during the rush hour.

The inhabitant that I focused on is an office man who working in office with a private vehicle who willing to stay with their relative or living alone in a living unit.
The site that I'm choose is in Sarmyarn soi 26 where there is two different zoning as economic zone and residential zone where the parking space in residence zone is less but economic zone require more parking space which effect the way people park their vehicle and create traffic jam.
The canonical view show how the inhabitant will use the space and the experience of the double layers veneer wood with steel frame structure instead of window.
The detail drawing of the unit dimension and the arrangement of the space. and also ideas of how the whole unit might look like in this phase.