Project 2 : 'A blurred boundary living unit in a futuristic world where people's life depends on technologies of indirect communication ' by Tae Vasawat Dulyavit

         Communication is a dynamic, systemic process in which communicators construct personal meanings through their symbolic interaction, Jualia, T. Wood (1982).

        Apart from the way people directly communicate with each other, an indirect way of communicating or communicating through artificial channels has also playing an important role in architecture. The advancement in technology of indirect communication has been shaping social culture and human behaviour which are the 2 important aspects influenced architecture.

        According to the book called "five epoch of civilization" by Wiliam McGaughey, he categorized the innovation in communication into 5 different periods and named it"5 civilization" from 33rd century B.C. to 20th century.
the first civilization started when the Sumerians invented the first indirect form of communication by crafting ideographic or syllabic writing, since then this form of communication has become an influential aspect in architecture.
        During that period, people gave the priority to the imperial king which ideographic writing was used to help administrative people to rule the city by contain commercial records, keep track of tax collection, and law served the needs of bureaucracy. This human behavior and culture was reflected on the idea of hierarchy behind Ziggurat.

What will happen after the fifth civilization ?

           During the beginning of the sixth civilization is a developing period of the personal devices technologies which allow people to have a very easy and fast accessibility to a large amount of information. This development gradually changes human behavior in terms of social interaction. At this period people starts to notice the convenience of communicating through their personal devices, and spend more time to getting into this constructed visual world.

          Afterwards, the first period is the period when people use devices to get involved in visual world as a part of their life. During this period, we can see more obvious evidences which support the argument that the world of indirect communication influences human behaviour. For example, the use of mobile phone to take photos and share them on Facebook while having meeting with friends shows that indirect communication is something that you can’t live without in this century.

          The second period started when people realise that life is very convenient when they do things through visual world as the advancement in technologies of indirect communication is rapidly developed. Everything is so fast and easy that people started to live their life depends on only this form of communication. People started to introvert themselves from others, and spend almost all of their time working and having activities through visual world. This issue has influenced the Thailand in many aspects. As Bangkok is the centre of economics, this big changes in social behaviour is considered a major problem which creates a severe recession as people. 

          Therefore, government came up with an idea of creating a public housing as a pioneer project to introduce a new and ideal life style which will blurred that line between physical and virtual world, and encourage people to live in this mixed environment productively. Imagine the world without secret people can have access to any data or information that they want where people spend 12 hr. a day in visual world. The line between public and private is blurred. People tend to live individually in there own visual world. Therefore, the government introducing a public housing in order to encourage physical interaction along with the advancement of indirect communication. By having one continuous space created by connecting many individual units together.

           Inside the space is a world where visual and physical communication is combined into one. It is like a small community where people live together with the simulation of their friend. For example, you can have dinner with your friend from other side of the world through the latest innovation which simulating a person through a projection of sight, hearing and smell. In other words, you can communicate physically and visualy at the same time. 

A diagram shows the growth of the number of people who using internet through personal devices in Thailand compare to other countries.

An examples of the routine of people in sixth civilisation.

An canonical view of the The first design of the individual habitat.

An axonometric shows the structure and functions of the first design.

 a canonical view shows an experience of living in a mixed environment of direct and indirect ways communication where the definition of boundary is blurred in the next 15 years. 

        Blurring the definition of boundary in order to encourage physical interaction.
A proposal of an individual living unit which can encour age physical interaction between people by connecting 
each single unit together to create one shared space for every unit owner. Moreover, a person can customise
their basic living condition differently from their neighbour by using inflatable partitions. 

Kadejeen community : A community which blur the social boundaries between different religions