Project 2 : "Baan-Mai : the New house for the Old Thai" by Suthida Lertpanichphan

' The new house for the old Thai '

In the near future of Bangkok where the demand of using land to construct new high-rise buildings
is increasing because of the rapid growth of the population. More people move from their individual
 dwellings to live in compact public buildings due to an unaffordable land tax that has increased
every year. The other reason  for moving is from the government who seizes the land property from
  the citizens and claims to make it for various ‘public uses’. The result; several old and valuable
 communities have been destroyed without any recognition.

Local people who have been living in these old ruined neighborhoods are forced to leave their 
houses and adapt into a new and more modern world, and most of them are now in a late adulthood 
or retired. People in this age are usually very ‘conservative’. 

So since they were raised and grew up in a traditional way of Thai living for almost all of their lives,
 they must face some difficulties of learning. They tend to resist the new revolution and 
refuse to use new technology that is available around them.

They are still yearning for their old way of living and since they have to move
 to a new settlement, they are looking for a place where they can spend their time like the past.  


The new public housing has been designed to support the need of these conservative people —
 the traditional ways of living and features are integrated into modern dwellings.