Project 2 : Attiki Odos by Jan patanayindee

In the near future, Thailand consists of a wealthy capitol ruling more than 60 poorer districts cause of  the centralization of the engaged people to the capitol to gain a better life, income, jobs and to be the best in this metropolis. Most of civilization growth only in Bangkok metropolis, Not only is there a larger demand for living due to the growth of the population, the proposal begins with a critique of the key source of the issue, the urban growth boundary. Therefore its become the turning point of poorer want to be a part of big city and It’s not an easy way of moving their rustic life into the capitol ,not every rustics can be a part of the capitol, Most of them come as a one person from each family cause of their earnings not enough for living in capitol.

 Attiki Odos is an extraordinary self-sufficient housing based sometime in the coming future. This project attempt to manage difference between individualism within spatial collectivity. As in term of centralization to the capitol, Attiki Odos aimed at revitalizing the role of housing is the creation of living together .It’s the centralize of rustics from all over the 77 districts in thailand, people who has completely different background from different lifestyles but all have a same goal to have better life. It’s a new way for them of living in the contrast visual of centralization. Odos act as a new subset of dwelling units, every units or tributers is connected and congregated in a new subset of urban family. Bringing the events or activities of their home and provide new family with an architecture  that is re-arranging , symbolic and representational of a new beginning.



The proposed architecture is intended to act as a catalyst that injects itself into an existing town centre and amplifies public activity through large scale entertainment , as a way to intensify, bring together and restart the suburbs in the capitol. The intent of this major project is to remind us of the importance of the public activities space as it plays a crucial role in the formation of our future society. It reminds us that we are part of a collective whole. A place where our differences meet and our lifestyle choices.