Project 2 : "Appropriate Place" By Thanida Akkavutwanich


Nowadays, technology becomes close to ourselves and we cannot deny that we can live without it. Looking at the socity, we see people engaging with their smartphones and ignoring life around them. It is all the same pattern in restaurants, malls, movie theaters and even social functions. For example, smartphone has online applications that ease the communication between people such as Instargram, Facebook, Line, Twister, etc. 

Perhaps, we all aware that people are less interaction due to the emerging of online social network, but many people may not realize what is the magnitude changes that this pattern could create in the future. There is no doubt that the behavior that people sticks with social medias will going to stop in the future, because if the world keep developing, we as a user, have to receive and learn how to cope with the technology in order to live in the society. Instead of bringing us together, social media through computers, smartphones, tablets, and all moblie devices are creating a great divide among people. Groups people who wants to communicate in person are becoming minority.

The technology involve in every range of plople age, even for the little children. The questions are; will our grandchildren communicate less verbally in the future? Will this be acceptable? Will the social dynamics of body language and its interpretation change because our descendants use it less?

Although it seems like communication technology causes the “Social uninteraction” for the majority believe, with the appropriate use of communication technology can help to reverse it.

Link to Manifesto PDF


In the case for the Asperger Syndrome people (group of people who cannot communicate face-to-face due to mental problem), it brings back and provides interaction communication by the moderation use of technology communication.

Asperger people use it appropriately as a facility for their communication to bring them back to normal life. Asperger people cannot enable social communication like the other. Therefore they are the best example of how technology enable social to communicate and eventually bring back Asperger people to the actual world.

In order to design the living unit to help the Asperger kids would benefit to the normal kids because if the design can help the Asperger kids to come out of the technology to connect with the other people physically, it would encourage the same thing to the ordinary kids. 



                                                                                                                                                                               FIRST SON

                                                                                                                                                                                                         SECOND SON

To selected this family as the ideal family to design the individual habitat , the research on the household behaviour and profiles is require to design appropriate space for them.

The time when the whole family stay at home is usually at night time around 07.00 PM. - 08.00 AM.


The space is design to have the One gogantic share space which allow the household to see other people activity and this could activate the “Social interaction”. Plus, the design in the space is base on the curved shape and wall, this is because the curve allow the household to see wider whereas the flat wall only allow to one side (other become blur). 

The curved wall and space benefit to the household as they be able to see each other more and can learn from each other. Moreover, the used of the numerous  triangle mirror on the wall will reflect the activities in the space. 
(Create the illusion feeling , bring back the household from digital world to physical world)


In order to chooses "Perfect place" as my site because due to the manifesto "Social uninteraction" can occur  to every one and so in the community like a "village" too. Develop the social interaction in the family the design will help in term of the visual presence. The site have the shared space for the community; lake zone area which this is benefit in term of the "Atmosphere" in the public house. The sound is peaceful compare to the city area. Another, benefit with the site to the inhabitant is the education place nearby the site (School , University).