Project 2 "Another part of Chulalongkorn Universe" by Kittaphat Anuchachart

Another part of Chulalongkorn Universe

why I name this for my work? It because Chulalongkorn University is in first rank university in Thailand, and we can see that Chulalongkorn provide mainly about education, but if you see deeper as I did, you will know that the money is coming to be more important for This university.  
For this work, I focus on the future of Chulalongkorn university that locate at Sarmyarn, Bangkok, so I wrote the manifesto for the story of future for more clear of my work. 

This is report for space and zoning of Chulalongkorn University, and the report about the people who live in there as a community.

This is the picture that can show some routine of the people in Sarmyarn's comunity.

For this part, This is the axon view that explode and show more about the structure and possibility of user. I design the space for the people in the community which are employees in Sarmyarn. I separate room to be 2 half zones. First is gathering space that for cooking, sitting and storing, and the another zone is private space which for sleeping, clothing and taking a bath. I try to design the space to be a compact space, and design from routine of one of employee in that community.    

For This picture, we call that the canonical view which I try to show the surrounding of the final building and show about how to use the space. Lastly I still show a little bit kind of the main structure of the building which is the octet-truss

For this picture, it is work of the previous part that is came to be the main structure for my room design.

The site is located at Samyan between Buntudthong Road and Phraya Thai Road, which belongs to Chulalongkorn University.