Project 02 "The Flexibility Space" by Kritjarruwat Aphirathiran

The Canonical View

 The Isometric

                The Flexibility, it is use to adapt the form not to be the one but can be change by the user that will come and lived in this unite. As you can see in the figure that it can be adapt to three form depend on the user used. On the left hand side, it can provide the user to have a viewing out to get the nature light from the outside. The center, it show the use that combine all the room together to become one. On the right hand side, it show the individual living in the room to provide the private space.

The Manifesto
In my vision of the near future, Thailand is going to be a country that will host lots of business activities, where people from various other countries will come to invest in the country, I concluded this way according to Thailand’s past few years GDP growth. In which those countries that will come to invest in the country would probably be those big countries, including the United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany. 

It would be favorable as the government would build up public housings for these investors who will need to adapt to Thai culture and stay in Thailand for a long time in doing businesses. In addition, this would also be beneficial to Thai government if the investors are impressed in Thailand, they could be more efficient in doing business in Thailand, and could promote more people to come invest in Thailand. 

For my design, I want to scope my project on the Japanese people that will move to Thailand, because as for my research of the import goods in Thailand, Japan is the highest rank that have a business goods with Thailand. Beside that the Japanese people are the hard worker, they can keep working until the work done and do not care about the holiday. They are very punctual and respectful, so these are the good thing for the Japanese people, because if we deal the business with them it make us more chance to success in business and rise up the GDP.

The concept idea of my public housing is to make the assimilate from two country to let them learn and understand Thai culture and traditional. By the unit of the space will be like two pieces of space and interact the sharing space that bend the two culture at the intersection point. So, it will consist with three major part, which are one, the Japanese housing unit second, Thai housing unit third, the intersection point. 

The intersection point, it will act as a bender that will force the two culture to accommodate some activity such as, make a food at the kitchen, read a book at the library, or relax at the living room. More or less, this concept of the sharing space will help those two culture get along and at least learn something from each other, so it will make Japanese people understand more and be friendly with Thai people.

As for the whole space of public housing, it will divided into 2 major part, which is living space, and community space. The community space will place at the lower part of the building, such as market, coffee shop, or the fitness. For the living space, it will be the unit that for the two culture to share some space, but still have their own private space.

In the conclusion, government will invest into this public housing for make the Japanese people to impress and learn from Thai culture, and when economy in Thailand is more rising in the term of GDP, it will promote more country to come, because it will be the center of the business around the world. So, Thailand will get more benefit from the people who come to make a trade goods inside and outside the country.