Phase 2.2 The Individual Habitat "ME" by Leampanarai Vatapukkana


When the world reached the moment where economic overwhelmed entire society; life and architecture followed the pattern Architecture seem to force people and how they will used the space but human always went back to what should be more or less, They want precarity the freedom of using life. The sense that they want to provided for freedom of flexibility, rewards certain kinds of creativity and opportunism, promotes a kind of absolute individualism that can be taken for dignity and accommodates or even required a degree of social and geographic mobility - are part of what has allowed for neoliberalism implementation.


When people entered the space they can created their own used of space, so each user can created the uniqueness of what will fit to their needed. When they pushed and pulled which occupy to be the walls that allowed you to use your imagination to respond to what you think the home going to be. 


The site settle on sukhumvit 23 which considering to be the place that highly economic which can be growth and develop to respond to the manifesto which also in this soi23 has indian embassy which it will allowed the inhabitation can access to his worked and connect to the nearest transportation also.