Phase 2 : Fung Sui, a system for human to Blend into the system of nature by Tzu-wen Chiang

1. Inhabitant Study

the group of people i am studying about is Chinese living in Chinatown Bangkok. from the old market yawarat road area, i choose 2 shophouses to study about, one in the alley way and one facing the main road. which is 2 different context in the same area. 

The first shop house I studied about is the house in the alley way, this building have a really interesting Fung Sui arrangement, Fung Sui is a way to let human blend into the system of nature according to chinese belief. maybe because these houses in the alley way is in a bad context according to Fung sui thats why they need to create a house that will fix all the problem according to belief. 

the second house i studied about is a house facing the main road, for this house i look more at the item and storage problem in the area. 

in conclusion both of the house have really strong religious belief and both of the family strongly belief in Fung Sui, therefore i did a study on Fung Sui and trying to find reasons behind the main rules of Fung sui, which i found a lot of connection between the rules and how they really work.

2. Design process

after studying about the shop houses in china town, i realize that the problem of the space is the sunlight ventilation, noise and cannot design a space according to the function. so the new space is design to work as a shop house, but by adding in new design of the basic element of building, which is the wall and change the shape of the wall, the building can lead sunlight, and ventilation into the room, and because of the curve shape, the function of each space is defined, and also create a barrier between public and private space of the area, the main idea of the house is using the rules in Fung sui which chinese family belief a lot in it. therefore it will fit the idea of creating a architecture that can blend human into the system of nature more.

3. Canonical View of the space