"Living Unit for Weaving Family" by Arpanuch Ruangsukudom

Living unit for weaving family

In this project I choose the weaving family that still remaining as my inhabitant. As I had a talk with Uncle Aood, a silk weaver in Baan Krua community. When people walk by his house, they barely notice that it is a silk shop and inside the house working space and living space are in the same area. It’s hard to define where the shop and living place are and that makes the unpleasant atmosphere to the eyes of visitors. 

In the future, I want the design to help promote the outstanding skill and attractions of this very typical area where people in the community wear colorful hand-made silk dresses like what they use to do in the old days so that there would be the revival of the colorful picture in the eyes of the outsider and also rearrange their messy living space without changing their lifestyle. Most important of all, I would like to preserve and maintain the present valuable environment as long as possible and to pass it on to the younger generation.

The glass separated into three part, transparent, translucent and opaque. The transparences are used for display products, the translucences are used for shop keeper for keeping product. It allows the shop keeper to see what happening and also gives them a sense of privacy.