At the beginning of my habitat space where are a living space for a group of gold and jewelry shop are a kind of   shop house. So I try to research and study how they do a work in each method before come a product and how they using a space both a working area and living space.
                 In this family have a 5 people and 4 employee to work with him. he used a time to work more than relax and using a living area. So when he rest in a living area, he would like to work and can see his family who do an activity in living space. And for his work, he must to send a product to other method in different place without plastic to cover a product technique.  And then in a selling area haven't enough space to walk and haven't enough for keep a product.

          So my vision of future housing where have a enough space for employee in different skillful technique come to  work in the same place. And a living space for an owner gold and jewelry shop can see an activity both his family and  employee in the same time.  So my habitat unit have an enough space for them and can make a private or public space by themselves from a wall. And a customer can come to see a method from an employee when they produce and make a product.