2.2 Individual habitant , Minimum wage workers

                                   Have you ever work so hard you feel like to need a vacation ? If you think that you work hard these people work harder than you. The minimum-wage workers include convenience store shop keeper , waiter waitress or even the construction worker has to work 6 days a week with more than 10 hours a day with only 3-4 hours to rest per day.And only gain small amount of money.They have a "Live to work" lifestyle and has to give the money back to their family at home. 

                                    Because of this hardship that they to face, the concept to design the unit is to make the unit comfortable for them by having all the daily routine action happen in a small space so they don't have to move much in the space and provide them with privacy , private bathroom and private living space. Which the form is from the old project collumn.

                                                    The inhabitant report and manifesto

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