2.1.Inhabitant Public Housing

In this project, i took some elements from project 1.1-1.3 to develop in to unit of rooms for an inhabitant.

                In today's Living culture, we create our own world in our mine. We make our own identity on our actions on what we do. For my proposal in today's living, I observe that people like to collect things as their reward or trophies since the beginning of time in their lives, for example, cavemen collecting bones of animals they hunt as trophies and the habit passes on. Each individual has their own interest and they way of expressing things and I'm sure that every human beings has collect some kind of object in their lives that they want to cherish it as part of their lives. Humans are attracted to objects, they interact with it in many different ways, such as collecting. To create our own identity we choose objects that suit us, no matter what it is the object that we adored is also part of us. People are all collectors, but some are more extreme. However, Collectors has a price, a price of space in each individual condition.
                In a city like Bangkok  where in the city there is not much property to build a "house", people live in apartments and condominium. space is somehow rare to obtain for commoners or people who are less fortune. People in cities have similar conditions on living, mostly inside apartments when the rooms are divided strictly the conditions has to change. For example, one might be able to collect object in a box, shelf, to display the collection that they earn. I support ideal of collectors who proudly display their collection on a glass shelf that can be seen in the space. it shows the dedication of the person that allows sacrifice some of his space to display his identity.
A person seeks for more space but it seems impossible in this city where a single condominium is worth more than a million baht. Yet, the space is not enough. I proposed to make the living space to merge with space for collections to live in.
                Collectors, collect objects that they are attracted not just for showing off to other people, but also it is part of their fragment of their life, and I believe that everyone collects some kind of an object and wants to take care and protect it. Which is why a space is necessary for this purpose.

So, to support my manefesto i must design a habitat that suits the living condition of the space. First i must make a habitant report which ic a book of possestions that he own.  Link To Inhabitant Report

Isometric drawing of th concept space

Chosen Site