Project 1.1 "The Ligh Tower" by Kevin Peter

The first part of Phase 1 was all about designing a column. In a first attempt I had to do a research about existing designs, which I could use for my own design as a source of inspiration.
I found mine in the designs of Shigeru Ban and his amazing wooden columns, for which I wanted to create a column in wood as well.

After the first research I created some Prototypes, using first Chan-oy paper, a carboard like sheet, to create the first two models. Having a flash of inspiration, I started to buy sets of the famous game called Jenga. In Jenga, the pieces are the same, and in some variation it happens to be made out of wood pieces. Having said that, I started to experiment with single modules to create astonish column designs.

I came to the conclusion that changing the look was not a real successful idea, so I started to look beyond the material wood and start giving the column a secondary function. 

I found it in the form of light. By creating a structure which allows light to go through, it would create a column, which combines the massiveness of the wood structure together with the lightness of the sunlight shining through and illuminating the space. 

The last part was to create orthographic drawings as well as isometric drawings, that illustrate the intention of the design. I was strongly trying to emphasize on the wood structure and how the modules are connected. I found that Japanese joinery would fit best to my design, giving it a pure wooden structure, free from any kinds of secondary materials.

Link to full resolution pdf