Project1.3 "Wall : Multi-composition Modules" by Nichakul K.


1. 3 WALL

In this third phase, I pick the linearity and repetitive aspect of the folded-plain from the second phase as the investigation topic. 


With this in mind I chose to work with strings in the 1st prototype as it allows visual continuation from the folds down to ground. From this prototype, the partition that the string creates lack the quality of vision, sound and temperature protection, which leads to the 2nd prototype. 


I incorporated modular plains to the string liner grid in order to create an adjustable condition of opening and closure. I look back into the Prototype2 of the second phase to make a guideline for the arrangement of the wall, as it has the possibility to create a larger continuous space and easier to incorporate vertical plains. 

Final Model

 For the final model I developed four different modules that would all function as solid partition, while two of them would also be able to stretch the string apart to create a door-or-window-like opening. 
These module, that resembles the overlaying 'fish scales', composed together by hooking to the string at its diagonal cut, and could be removed to change its position, allowing different variations of the wall. 

From the most porous with many small openings to a single plain of wall with no opening at all, the modules can be combined together like jigsaw pieces that are guided by the string lines. These modular composition also has an aesthetic quality, as the corners and lines creates different patterns depending on how they are arranged. 

The drawings show examples of the possible results that the system could formulate.