Project1.1, "Interlocking and intersecting of the columns", by Manita Ruangwimolwet

How did the ideas of interlocking and intersecting come up?

Firstly, I came up with 5 different of column prototypes with 
many different ideas for each one.

The first one I was interested in colours. I've been studying about
its construction and realised that the loads would transfer only
through the middle part of each intersecting pieces, 
and the colours do not help anything about the structure.

My second idea is the idea of interlocking pieces together
to create shape and stronger structure compared to the first idea.

My third prototype is also the idea of interlocking, as well as intersecting
each little pieces into one big sheet, and I realised that there is no point
to create many pieces for interlocking if there;s no big piece.

The fourth prototype was created by clay, stick together to create a form, shape of
pyramid as a column, but then I realised that these kind of materials
wouldn't last long.

The fifth model was inspired by a wall, which each stick is attached 
to 2 wires so that the middle part is able to carry loads from the above,

However, all of the prototypes I mentioned above are mostly work
as a column, some of them can carry much loads, some of them could not.
Therefore, I finally decided to create an interlocking and intersecting
of concrete piece, so that the overall structure is consist of
crossing of a concrete sheet, which create a very durable structure for column.

It is 3m high with approximately 1.5m in width. So this column could be
easily applied in many buildings.

Here are the drawings

link to full resolution