Project 1.3, "Woodworks" by Channat Karnkorkul

The final part of the project was related to the first part. The wall and the column is similar. Columns can define space and support load. Walls can define boundaries and too, support load. Since my columns were already defining space, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step further, and create something more focused in terms of space and boundary. My first plan was to design a wall that embodies the feel of the columns, and create many possible spaces from all the triangles that intercept each other by function. 

The idea was then altered into something kinetic where the joints are able to change its height in relation to its width. This created another kind of space where it could adapt to space the way it wants to. The joints are to be connected by cables that can be pulled to lengthen the unit's height or width.

The final outcome did not work out really well. I focused too much on how to make the model work, and forgot the actual goal I had tried to embody since the start. The model was supposed to be in relation to the columns, but it was completely different. 

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